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Kent Capital is a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) that has been recognized as New Jersey’s Leading Investment Club for assisting individuals in achieving mastery of personal finances, business and investments. We at Kent Capital take pride in providing our partners with the adequate skill-set, knowledge and tools to succeed in all aspects of their lives.

Not from New Jersey? Don’t worry, We have partners from across the United States!

Our mission is to increase the financial knowledge and wealth of our partners and to have fun while doing it.

Risk is spread throughout the group. By diversifying your investments, you minimize your risk of losing all your money on just one or two investment vehicles. By investing at regular intervals throughout the year (i.e., dollar cost averaging), you reduce your chance of buying an overpriced stock, property or other commodity.

Members are better informed. Sound investments take a long time to fully research. Having extra members to assess financial documents such as the income statement and balance sheet can save time and result in everyone having more information about a company, franchise, etc.

Emotional investing is minimized. You won’t be able to justify your investment choice to other club members by simply stating “I have a good feeling about this one.” As a result, you’ll also minimize making impulsive investment decisions.

Investing discipline is maintained. Investment clubs require that their members make a monthly contribution. This encourages you to regularly set aside and save some money every month.

Kent Capital first conducts an introductory conversation with all prospective partners. The purpose of this introductory meeting is to get to know you, identify common financial goals and explain how a partnership with Kent Capital may benefit you.

If initial discussions determine that Kent Capital may be a good fit for you, we will extend an invitation to participate in our candidate screen processing.

The candidate screening process requires that all candidates undergo,

• A national-level criminal background check.

The background check and due diligence process allows us to protect ourselves from any potential conflicts of interest and assists us in safeguarding the quality, confidentiality and reputation of our name and partners.

Kent Capital partners participate in monthly investment strategy and mastermind meetings, as well as sit in on presentations and group discussions. Partners stay in touch in between meetings by participating in our Google sponsored group chatroom.

Partners are required to contribute a minimum investment of $100.00 per month on a reoccurring monthly basis. However, partners are always welcome to contribute more than the minimum.

Partners are required to pay $5.00 per month on a reoccurring monthly basis. These dues cover a portion of business-related expenses, your access to all of our educational material and community of partners.

Start investing in your future today for $105.00 per month!

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